Friday, August 28, 2009

408 Inc. if you didn't already know

408 inc

408INC is a Southbay Entertainment Media Company specializing in spotlighting the entire Southbay Area. This includes San Jose and all surrounding 408 cities. They keep their readers and site viewers in tune with the following: Music (all genres), News, CD Reviews, Interviews, Events, Videos, Pictures, Online Radio & more. If it’s from the Southbay, they try and let folks know who’s doing what and when!

They are open to distributing all genres ranging from Rap, RnB, Alternative, Rock, Dance, Hi-NRG…you name it. They're making an effort to network with everyone out here doing something for the scene. Not just music, but other products as well. Those of you who have clothing lines, skateboard lines, graffitti canvas art, magazines, whatever it may be, they are here to help you bring it to the world on a big online platform as well as soon to be printed magazine.

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